Balloon hats

Very interesting project about balloon hats being universally humorous across cultures.



Today’s the most fun day on the calendar this year! It’s all 1’s all the time today! Celebrate by doing any of the following:

– Hug a veteran

– Go see this movie

– Join a world wide drum circle

– Wish my darling nephew a happy birthday as he turns 11 today!


Wise words. I’m frolicking at Disney World the rest of the week, but still have 3PMUs lined up for you all stuck in an office!

Signing to music

No words for how much I love this.

Ironically, the playground they show the kids on isn’t ADA compliant. 🙂


Seriously, it’s election day. And I know there’s no sexy presidential election this year, but your vote still matters! And ladies, don’t make me make you watch Iron Jawed Angels to get you to vote!

Picnic Anywhere!

Hehe I love this idea.

Rough week?