What is 3PMU?

3PMU stands for ‘3:00 PM Pick-Me-Up.’ The idea started over beers when a group of friends realized each of them got the 3:00 PM blahs at work. 3:00 PM is the afternoon wasteland of office jobs. It’s hours from lunch and still hours more until freedom. Each of the friends coped in different ways – candy, Dr. Pepper, compulsive Gmail chatting. But, it turns out emails featuring randomness from the internet is the perfect way to combat the mid-afternoon blahs. So, do yourself and your weekday afternoons a favor and click ‘Sign me up!’ on the right to subscribe!

*Subscription disclosure – the delivery of 3PMU posts to email is made possible by the kind people at wordpress and cannot be guaranteed to occur exactly at 3 PM every day. But they’ll get it there sometime in the afternoon!


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